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Description of Free Fire - Battlegrounds

Free Fire is one of the coolest survival shooters available on mobile ever. You have 10 minutes, 50 competitors and epic battle. Only one player will survive. Do you have enough strength, courage and skills to be him?

A plot in the best tradition of survival shooters. You have only 10 minutes on a desolate island to get to the final destination and not to die. You may jump out of a plane wherever you want.

Just remember that you have to stay in safe zone, beware of radiation. Drive, swim, run and hide in trenches, buildings and bushes. And move, move, move! Your adversaries are near! Snipe, hound other players and use all the benefits of location.

Specific characteristics of Free Fire game:

Enjoy yourself with Free Fire and show everybody who is who.

Screenshots of Free Fire - Battlegrounds
Version history Free Fire - Battlegrounds
New in Free Fire 1.32.0
New Features
1. New area in Bermuda - Bullseye
2. Added Hot Zone - An area that spawns high tier supplies
3. New Weapon: CG15 - A weapon that can charge up and deal more damage
4. New Item: Info Box - Device that reveals the next play-zone and current in-game airdrops
5. Team Parachuting: Players can now choose to parachute together!
6. New Character - Laura
7. Guild System Upgrade
8. Added Arabic as a language option
New in Free Fire 1.28.0
New Features:
1. Free Fire World Cup Thrones now appear on all maps!
2. New Character - Hayato
3. New weapon - Katana
4. Andrew has began the construction of launch pads on the map
5. New area in Bermuda - Observatory
6. AN94 Buff
7. VSS Buff
8. Skill Rework - Misha
9. Death race now replaced by Zombie Invasion
10. Lucky Cards have been moved to Death Uprising
11. A giant egg appeared on the spawn island!
12. Events for FF World Cup! (Coming soon)
13. New Mode - Death Uprising (Coming soon)
New in Free Fire 1.26.1
New Features
1. Added new area- "Graveyard" on Bermuda!
2. New Character- Moco
3. The train is back on the spawn island!
4. New AR- AN94
5. New secondary weapon- Treatment Gun
6. Pet System is Live!
7. Disconnection improvements- players can now reconnect if they leave in the spawn island.
8. Time-limited store- enjoy time-limited discounts in Free Fire Store!
New in Free Fire 1.22.1
1. Purgatory & Bermuda reworked
Reworked the airport area in Bermuda and optimized loot and building distribution for both maps.
2. New character - Miguel
3. Solo Death Race during weekends
4. Special offers - a limited-time special crate may occur randomly after a match

Improvements and fixes
1. Bonfire can now recover EP and HP at a 10/s rate for self and allies
2. Gloo wall now potentially protects the user from more angles
New in Free Fire 1.19.0
1. New game mode - Rush Hour
2. Skill slot system for characters
3. Luck Royale - get a free spin daily and stand a chance to win permanent items
4. Weapon skins now available
5. New destroyable object - Oil barrels
6. New survival loadout - Resupply map
7. New Character - Kla the Muay Thai Practitioner
8. Death Race now only will be playable in Purgatory on the weekends.
9. New mini-game in the starting island
10. Added support for big-screen Android devices
New in Free Fire 1.17.1
New Features
1. New map fully released - Purgatory
2. Fire Pass
Fire Pass is open to all. Collect badges to unlock 10,000 diamonds worth of rewards by completing missions.
3. New character - Maxim the Glutton
4. New pistol - M500 revolver
5. New loadout - Scan
6. Ziplines (only available in Purgatory)
7. Death spectate and reporting for squads
8. Guild Glory system
9. Guild leaderboards
10. Brand new lobby & store UI
New in Free Fire 1.14.0
New Features1. Bigger map - Sentosa island!2. Ranked mode is now available for those of you who are more competitive. Exclusive season rewards await!3. SwimmingSwim across to the new Sentosa Island, or you could just hide in the sea.4. New character - Nikita the bodyguardBalances and Improvements1. Major graphic improvements to make gameplay look and feel more realistic.
New in Free Fire 1.13.0
Thank you for supporting Free Fire!1. Most devices will now run Free Fire even more smoothly2. Fixed an issue where the app may crash unexpectedly for some devices3. New weapon - M1873
New in Free Fire 1.12.0
1. Resolved an issue where the app would quit unexpectedly during launch2. Fixed a bug where sometimes trees permanently follow the player around the map
New in Free Fire 1.11.2
New Features1. New character systemPlay as four different characters, level these characters up using gold and progressively unlock a passive survival skill for each of them.2. M249 machine gun3. Throwable - Grenades4. New vehicle - tuk-tuk5. Added more rocks and forested areas6. New type of item in the store - bundles7. 4 character-specific costumes with a special action button on the starting island8. Name change is now possible in the profile page
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